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Party place

The party place is located here, in the town of Givry en Argonne, in a place call Val d'Ante
Althought the party start on saturday, you can come on friday evening if it is more convenient for you.

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the closest train station is in Revigny Sur Ornain right there :

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We will be able to do rotation to pick you up at the train station. please notify us at admin [at] day, time, bags, and number of people.

Food & Beverage

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The ticket include Bbq on saturday evening and breakfast sunday morning.
Everything else can be brought by yourself, or bought at the super market nearby.
From the party place you'll be able to find carrefour express (little super market) which is 2 minutes far away from the party place !
There you'll find food and beverages and more.


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Althought it'll be possible to sleep on the party place, you can find accomation near the party place, or far from it (depend what you are looking for).

Val d'Ante sleeping room

The party place has it's own rooms. You can book for a single room or a bed in a group room.


Room type BedCleaning
single room 15€10€ (for 1 or 2 night)
1 bed in group room (4 pax max)15€10€ (for 1 or 2 night)
shared among people in the room

The bed come with sheet, cushion and blanket ("Est-ce que votre blanquette est bonne ?",OSS 117, Le Caire nid d'espions (2006) )

We have limited beds. So book the sooner as possible. We won't be able to have beds for everybody.

Camping "Le Val d'Ante"

(near party place)

This location is litteraly on the other side of the road with the party place. But you'll have to bring a tent to sleep there.

CAMPING pricing info
Adult 2.50 € per night
(include 0.20 € of journey fees)
Kid (1 to 6 years old) 1.20 € per night
babies (less than one year) free
Spot 2.50 € per night
Electricity 3.00 € per night per spot
dog fee 1.30 € per night
car park 1.30 € per night
1 spot = 5 persons


That's a traditionnal hotel. Near party place, pretty expensive but comfy.

You can Call directly the hotel on +33 3 26 60 00 08 (ask for Patricia) and give her the following code to get the room for 59€ : SP24-callisto

You can find it also on here : but it will be 69€ (price as of 09-04-2024).

Cocottes d'Argonne

Cocottes d'Argonne is nice and cute. We give you the link but, it is usually full. You can try you know, if someone cancel his booking, we never know.

Gîte de france (far)

Gîte de France is well known in France to regroup people who want to rent there own place. There are not much available location but maybe you'll find something that suite you.


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The Computer Art Culture by design cannot make any benefits, however the association still has to pay for place renting, inssurance, and so on.

How to pay

The tickets must be purchased before 15th of June 2024 on shadowstreamed at paypal account.(replace at with "@")
When paypaling, please add nick name surname and email and be sure to use the "pay to family" option.

The price list is as following :

On site (Standard Ticket)
adult (companion, not demoscene related)20€
(12 to 18 years old)
(6 to 12 years old)
(below 6 years old)
Support Ticket